LIST: UEFA Champions League Winners – All-Time

LIST: UEFA Champions League Winners - All-Time

UEFA Champions League Winners – All-Time

UEFA Champions League Winners? Which teams have won the Champions League before? Have you ever thought of finding out which teams have won the Champions League before?well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the UEFA Champions League Winners.

UEFA Champions League History

The UEFA Champions League is an annual competition held among European teams. The first edition of the UEFA Champions League was founded in 1955 and was won by Real Madrid after beating stade de France in the final 4-3, back then it was called the European Champions Cup. In Champions League 2013-14 it was the first time that two teams from the same city played in the final of the Champions League.

Team With Most Champions League Titles

Which team is the most successful in the Champions League? Which team has won the most Champions League titles? well, Real Madrid is the most successful club in the Champions League with 11 UEFA Champions League. The Los Blancos secured their 11th title during the 2015-16 season after beating Athletico Madrid 5-3 on penalties in the final in Milan, Italy at San Siro

The most Successful team in the Champions League of recent is Barcelona who have won four Champions League titles in the last decade making them the most successful of recent.

LIST: UEFA Champions League Winners - All-Time

2015-16 UEFA Champions League

This season’s UEFA Champions League came to conclusion yesterday as the 2016 Champions League Final took place at San Siro Milano, Italy. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid battled for the Champions League title again. This was second final ever with teams from the same city. The first time involved same teams back in 2014 Champions League Final.

Real Madrid beat Atletico on penalties to win Champions League. Real Madrid were crowned champions of Europe for the 11th time after beating Atletico Madrid in a dramatic penalty shootout in Milan. Real Madrid win 5-3 on penalties.

All-Time UEFA Champions League Winners List

The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious trophy in club football that’s why we have prepared a list of the past winners since it’s formation in 1955. Let’s have a look at the complete list of Champions League winners and runner-ups.

SeasonWinner (Country)Runner-up (Country)ScoreVenue/City
2016-17Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
2015-16Real Madrid (Spain)Atletico Madrid (Spain)1-1 (5-3)Milano
2014-15FC Barcelona (Spain)Juventus (Italy)3-1Berlin
2013-14Real Madrid (Spain)Atletico Madrid (Spain)4-1Lisbon
2012-13Bayern Munich (Germany)Borussia Dortmund (Germany)2-1London
2011-12Chelsea (England)Bayern Munich (Germany)1-1 (4-3)Munich
2010-11FC Barcelona (Spain)Manchester United (England)3-1London
2009-10Internazionale (Italy)Bayern Munich (Germany)2-0Madrid
2008-09FC Barcelona (Spain)Manchester United (England)2-0Rome
2007-08Manchester United (England)Chelsea (England)1-1 (6-5)Moscow
2006-07Milan (Italy)Liverpool (England)2-1Athens
2005-06FC Barcelona (Spain)Arsenal (England)2-1Saint-Denis
2004-05Liverpool (England)Milan (Italy)3-3 (3-2)Istanbul
2003-04Porto (Portugal)Monaco (France)3-0Gelsenkirchen
2002-03Milan (Italy)Juventus (Italy)0-0 (3-2)Manchester
2001-02Real Madrid (Spain)Bayer Leverkusen (Germany)2-1Glasgow
2000-01Bayern Munich (Germany)Valencia (Spain)1-1 (5-4)Milan
1999-00Real Madrid (Spain)Valencia (Spain)3-0Saint-Denis
1998-99Manchester United (England)Bayern Munich (Germany)2-1Barcelona
1997-98Real Madrid (Spain)Juventus (Italy)1-0Amsterdam
1996-97Borussia Dortmund (Germany)Juventus (Italy)3-1Munich
1995-96Juventus (Italy)Ajax (Netherlands)1-1 (4-2)Rome
1994-95Ajax (Netherlands)Milan (Italy)1-0Vienna
1993-94Milan (Italy)FC Barcelona (Spain)4-0Athens
1992-93Marseille (France)Milan (Italy)1-0Munich
1991-92FC Barcelona (Spain)Sampdoria (Italy)1-0London
1990-91Red Star Belgrade (Yugoslavia)Marseille (France)0-0 (5-3)Bari
1989-90Milan (Italy)Benfica (Portugal)1-0Vienna
1988-89Milan (Italy)Steaua Bucuresti (Romania)4-0Barcelona
1987-88PSV (Netherlands)Benfica (Portugal)0-0 (6-5)Stuttgart
1986-87Porto (Portugal)Bayern Munich (West Germany)2-1Vienna
1985-86Steaua Bucuresti (Romania)FC Barcelona (Spain)0-0 (2-0)Seville
1984-85Juventus (Italy)Liverpool (England)1-0Brussels
1983-84Liverpool (England)Roma (Italy)1-1 (4-2)Rome
1982-83Hamburg (West Germany)Juventus (Italy)1-0Athens
1981-82Aston Villa (England)Bayern Munich (West Germany)1-0Rotterdam
1980-81Liverpool (England)Real Madrid (Spain)1-0Paris
1979-80Nottingham Forest (England)Hamburg (West Germany)1-0Madrid
1978-79Nottingham Forest (England)Malmo FF (Sweden)1-0Munich
1977-78Liverpool (England)Club Brugge (Belgium)1-0London
1976-77Liverpool (England)Borussia Monchengladbach (West Germany)3-1Rome
1975-76Bayern Munich (West Germany)Saint-Etienne (France)1-0Glasgow
1974-75Bayern Munich (West Germany)Leeds United (England)2-0Paris
1973-74Bayern Munich (West Germany)Atletico Madrid (Spain)1-1Brussels
1973-74 (Replay)Bayern Munich (West Germany)Atletico Madrid (Spain)4-0Brussels
1972-73Ajax (Netherlands)Juventus (Italy)1-0Belgrade
1971-72Ajax (Netherlands)Internazionale (Italy)2-0Rotterdam
1970-71Ajax (Netherlands)Panathinaikos (Greece)2-0London
1969-70Feyenoord (Netherlands)Celtic (Scotland)2-1Milan
1968-69Milan (Italy)Ajax (Netherlands)4-1Madrid
1967-68Manchester United (England)Benfica (Portugal)4-1London
1966-67Celtic (Scotland)Internazionale (Italy)2-1Lisbon
1965-66Real Madrid (Spain)Partizan (Yugoslavia)2-1Brussels
1964-65Internazionale (Italy)Benfica (Portugal)1-0Milan
1963-64Internazionale (Italy)Real Madrid (Spain)3-1Vienna
1962-63Milan (Italy)Benfica (Portugal)2-1London
1961-62Benfica (Portugal)Real Madrid (Spain)5-3Amsterdam
1960-61Benfica (Portugal)FC Barcelona (Spain)3-2Bern
1959-60Real Madrid (Spain)Eintracht Frankfurt (West Germany)7-3Glasgow
1958-59Real Madrid (Spain)Stade de Remis (France)2-0Stuttgart
1957-58Real Madrid (Spain)Milan (Italy)3-2Brussels
1956-57Real Madrid (Spain)Fiorentina (Italy)2-0Madrid
1955-56Real Madrid (Spain)Stade de Remis (France)4-3Paris