Top 10 Football Clubs That Spend The Most Money

Top 10 Football Clubs That Spend The Most Money

It is well known that Football Clubs bring in a lot of money, some more than others, But which are the highest spenders of them all?, In this list of Top 10 Football Clubs That Spend The Most Money, We focus mainly on the top dogs, the clubs that bring in the big bucks, Just imagine, If Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are worth more than 100 Million Pounds, How much do the clubs pay them in wages?

Well, you are about to find out, you will be amazed just like we were when we found out how much these clubs pay in wages per year, some might say that money is better spent to save small countries from poverty…

Top 10 Soccer Clubs That Spend The Most Money

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But for now let’s now find out who are the Top 10 Football Clubs That Spend The Most Money

10. Juventus – £54,985




Italian Champions Juventus are the only Italian club to make this list with the highest paid squad in Italian football. The serie A champions have a total of £54,985 player wages per week and with this revenue , that makes them tenth on the list.

Argentine Carlos Teves is the highest earner on the squad bringing in £3.6 million a year.

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