New players coming to Chelsea 2017? All Chelsea new players 2017/18

New players coming to Chelsea 2017? All Chelsea new players 2017/18!

New players coming to Chelsea 2017/18

New players coming to Chelsea 2017? Chelsea new players 2017/2018? Which new players have been signed by Chelsea FC in the summer 2017 and January transfer window 2017? Have you wanted to know which new players have joined and left Chelsea this season 2017/2018? Well, if yes then worry not because we have prepared a list with all new players coming to Chelsea 2017.

Chelsea FC new player in and out 2017/18. Here is where you will find the full list with all new Chelsea FC signings and transfers for the 2017/18 season. You can view other Chelsea articles here, such as Chelsea FC transfers list and the Chelsea squad 2017.

New players coming to Chelsea FC 2017

2016/17 was a very successful season for Chelsea FC. They reached the FA Cup final, and most importantly, won the Premier League in their first season managed by Antonio Conte. There were doubts at the beginning of the season that Conte was the right man, after losses to rivals Arsenal and Liverpool. However, after a change of formation, Conte had a very successful season and in the end Chelsea ran out comfortable winners of the league.

Of course, last season they had no European football after a poor 2015/16 season. This meant they had fewer games than most of their rivals and players had more recovery time between each game. In the long run, this probably helped them but this season will be different. Having qualified for the Champions League group stages, most weeks they will be playing two games per week.

To combat that, Conte needs to build a bigger squad. Fortunately, we are in the summer transfer window 2017 which allows Conte to bring in new players. He has brought in one or two new signings so far but we think there will be more before the window closes.

So here are the Chelsea FC 2017/18 transfers. Below is all the players who have signed for Chelsea FC ahead of the 2017/18 season.

Chelsea new players 2017/18

Player Club Transfer fee

New players coming to Chelsea – Alvaro Morata

Chelsea new players 2017-2018 - Alvaro Morata

Alvaro Morata is one of the new players coming to Chelsea. He joined from Real Madrid and is the most expensive Chelsea transfer ever and the most expensive Spanish player of all time, a record previously help when Fernando Torres joined Chelsea from Liverpool back in 2011.

Chelsea new player signings 2016/17

Chelsea new player signings 2016/17? It was clear after a poor season in 2015/16 that Chelsea needed to bring in new players. They finished 10th in the league and the season just wasn’t good enough.

How did Chelsea FC summer target list look like? New players coming Chelsea 2016/2017? Here is the full list with the Chelsea FC transfers 2016/2017.

New Players coming to Chelsea FC 2017 – new signing 16/17

New players coming to Chelsea

Who are the new Players coming to Chelsea? Here is Chelsea FC new signings 2017. The below are all new players coming to Chelsea FC 2016/17. 2016/17 has been a busy year for Chelsea FC, they have brought in a number of new names to the team with the likes of N’Golo Kante and David Luiz coming into the team.

Ins – New player transfer to Chelsea 2016/17

Players Club Transfer sum

New players coming Chelsea 2016 – Chelsea new players 2015/16

Who were the new players coming Chelsea 2016? New player signings 2015/2016? Which players were signed by Chelsea FC in the summer 2015 and this the January winter transfer window 2016? The below are all new players coming to Chelsea FC 2015/16.

New player transfers to Chelsea 2015/16

Ins – Players coming to Chelsea FC 2016 – Arrivals 15/16

Players Club Transfer sum
Pedro Barcelona £23million
Abdul Rahman Baba FC Augsburg £17million
Asmir Begovic Stoke City £9.35million
Kenedy Fluminese £7million
Falcao Moncaco Loan
TOTAL = £56.35million

European Transfer list 2017-2018

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England and Premier League transfers and salaries:

New players coming to Chelsea 2017 All Chelsea new players 2017 18

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