Worst managers in Premier League history!

Worst managers in Premier League history!

Who is the worst managers in Premier League history? Following Claudio Raneiri’s shocking dismissal yesterday evening, most fans agree that the dismissal of the Premier League champion was unfair. The life of a football manager often seems like an impossible task, we look at some of the managers who failed miserably as the gaffer!

Worst manager in Premier League

Who is the worst manager in Premier League? Lets have a look at the list with the worst managers in Premier League history!.

5. Steve McClaren (Newcastle)

Worst managers in Premier League history


PL Games: 31

W: 7


Steve McClaren is one of the worst managers in Premier League history. How McClaren even got the Newcastle job in the first place is unbelievable. After falling to motivate the golden generation of England players and falling to get Derby promoted, McClaren somehow got the Newcastle job. 8 months later McClaren had spent over £80m and left the side in 18th position. McClaren was replaced by Rafa Benitez, who is currently attempting to fix what McClaren caused at Newcastle. McClaren is now back at Derby, and to be fair doing a better job this time around.

4. Steve Kean (Blackburn)

PL Games: 70

W: 18

L: 34

Kean had no managerial experience when he arrived at Rovers, and failed to win the fans over from the off. He arrived promising champions league football, then left with them in the second tear. Kean got Blackburn relegated, before stepping down in mid-September the following season. Just in case you weren’t aware, Kean is now winning league titles, all be it in Asia for Brunei DPMM.

3. Terry Connor (Wolves)

PL Games: 13

W: 0

L: 9

Terry Connor was a man who was just blatantly out of his depth. When Connor took over Wolves in February 2012 he would of at least expected to pick up some points. Connor didn’t manage a single win during his 13 games in charge, and sent Wolves down to the second tier. Terry Connor was obviously not keen on being manager, as soon after relegation he stepped back down to assistant manager. Connor is currently assistant manager at Ipswich Town.

2. Remi Garde (Aston Villa)

Worst managers in Premier League history

PL Games: 23

W: 3

L: 13

When the former Arsenal defender arrived at Aston Villa to replace Tim Sherwood, he came with great calibre. Garde did a terrific job with Lyon, but his experience at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais was not enough to guide him through his tenure at Villa. Garde only managed to win 3 games, before sending Villa down and leaving the club.

1. Paul Jewell (Derby County) – Worst manager in Premier League history

Worst manager in Premier League history - Paul Jewell

PL Games: 24

W: 1

L: 19

Paul Jewell is the worst managers in Premier League history. Paul did a magnificent job in getting ‘The Rams’ promoted to the premier league. However, his time in the top flight was disastrous. Only one win came out of 24 attempts, which sunk Derby to the championship. Since then, Jewell had a short stint at Ipswich, before becoming a coach at West Brom and resigning after 6 days.

By Jack Barrow (@Jack_Barrow1901)