Champions League Schedule 2017/18

Champions League 2017-18 Schedule

UEFA Champions League Schedule 2017/18 (Confirmed)

Champions League Schedule 2017/18? Champions League TV Schedule? Here you will find the complete Champions League 2017/18 Schedule with date and time for all Champions League Fixutures. You will also find info about each stage so you know when the draws happens and when the games are played.

The idea is to give you answer for common questions such as when is the Champions League 2017/18 schedule and draw for Qualifying Stage, Group Stage, Play-off Stage, Group Stage, Knock-out Stage, Quarter-finals Stage, Semi-finals Stage and of course the Champions League final.

Champions League Schedule 2017/18 – Draw, Matchdays and Fixtures

UEFA Champions League 2017-18 season will begin with the group stages on 12-13 September 2017 while the qualifying rounds begin as early as 28-29 June 2017. Below is the entire matchday calendar of 2017-18 UEFA Champions League season and when the draws will take place for group stages and the knockout rounds.

Here are all dates for matches, fixtures, draws for Champions League 2017/18 in short. Further down you can read more about each stage. The information will be updated on regular basis.

UEFA Champions League 2017/18 Schedule, Dates & Calendar

1st & 2nd Qualifying (Draw)19 June 2017
1st Qualifying Round Matches27–28 June 2017 & 4–5 July 2017
2nd Qualifying Round Matches11–12 July 2017 & 18–19 July 2017
3rd Qualifying (Draw)14 July 2017
3rd Qualifying Round Matches25–26 July 2017 & 1–2 August 2017
Play-off Draw4 August 2017
Play-off round Matches15–16 August 2017 & 22–23 August 2017
GROUP STAGE DRAWFriday, 25 August 2017
Matchday 1 (Group Stage)12–13 September 2017
Matchday 2 (Group Stage)26–27 September 2017
Matchday 3 (Group Stage)17–18 October 2017
Matchday 4 (Group Stage)31 October – 1 November 2017
Matchday 5 (Group Stage)21–22 November 2017
Matchday 6 (Group Stage)5–6 December 2017
First Knockout Stage Draw11 December 2017
1st Legs (Round of 16)13–14 & 20–21 February 2018
2nd Legs (Round of 16)6–7 & 13–14 March 2018
Quarter-Finals DrawFriday, 16 March 2018
1st Legs (Quarter-Finals)3–4 April 2018
2nd Legs (Quarter-Finals)10–11 April 2018
Semi-Finals DrawFriday, 13 April 2018
1st Legs (Semi-Finals)24–25 April 2018
2nd Legs (Semi-Finals)1–2 May 2018
Champions League 2017-18 Final Saturday, 26 May 2018

Champions League 2017-18 Schedule

Champions League Group Stages Draw (Revealed)

UEFA Champions League 2017-18 season begins with the group stages on 12-13 September 2017. The draw for the 2017-18 Champions League groups stage will take place on Friday, 25 August 2017. 32 teams will be drawn into 8 groups of four teams each. However the qualifying rounds for Champions League begin as early as 27–28 June 2017 while the first qualifying round draw will take place on 19 June 2017.

Champions League 2017/18 Schedule – Teams

Once the 2017-18 league season are over around Europe we will have our confirmed 22 teams who will go straight into the group stages while 10 more teams will join them after the three qualifying rounds and the playoff has been played in mid-August. The seedings will be announced before the 2017-18 group stage draw takes place on Friday, 25th August 2017.

Group A: Benfica, Manchester United, Basel, CSKA Moscow

Group B: Bayern Munich, Paris St-Germain, Anderlecht, Celtic

Group C: Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, Roma, Qarabag

Group D: Juventus, Barcelona, Olympiakos, Sporting

Group E: Spartak Moscow, Sevilla, Liverpool, Maribor

Group F: Shakhtar Donetsk, Manchester City, Napoli, Feyenoord

Group G: Monaco, Porto, Besiktas, RB Leipzig

Group H: Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Tottenham, Apoel

Champions League 2017/18 Schedule

Champions League 2017/18 Schedule

Below is the entire Champions League 2017/18 Schedule:

Champions League 2017/18 Group A Schedule

DateChampions League MatchTime (BST)
Sep 12Manchester United vs Basel19:45
Sep 12Benfica vs CSKA Moscow19:45
Sep 27Basel vs Benfica19:45
Sep 27CSKA Moscow vs Manchester United19:45
Oct 18CSKA Moscow vs Basel19:45
Oct 18Benfica vs Manchester United19:45
Oct 31Basel vs CSKA Moscow19:45
Oct 31Manchester United vs Benfica19:45
Nov 22CSKA Moscow vs Benfica17:00
Nov 22Basel vs Manchester United19:45
Dec 5Benfica vs Basel19:45
Dec 5Manchester United vs CSKA Moscow19:45

Champions League 2017/18 Group B Schedule

DateChampions League MatchTime (BST)
Sep 12Bayern Munich vs Anderlecht19:45
Sep 12Celtic vs PSG19:45
Sep 27PSG vs Bayern Munich19:45
Sep 27Anderlecht vs Celtic19:45
Oct 18Anderlecht vs PSG19:45
Oct 18Bayern Munich vs Celtic19:45
Oct 31PSG vs Anderlecht19:45
Oct 31Celtic vs Bayern Munich19:45
Nov 22Anderlecht vs Bayern Munich17:00
Nov 22PSG vs Celtic19:45
Dec 5Bayern Munich vs PSG19:45
Dec 5Celtic vs Anderlecht19:45

Champions League 2017/18 Group C Schedule

DateChampions League MatchTime (BST)
Sep 12Chelsea vs Qarabag19:45
Sep 12Roma vs Atletico Madrid19:45
Sep 27Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea19:45
Sep 27Qarabag vs Roma17:00
Oct 18Qarabag vs Atletico Madrid17:00
Oct 18Chelsea vs Roma19:45
Oct 31Atletico Madrid vs Qarabag19:45
Oct 31Roma vs Chelsea19:45
Nov 22Qarabag vs Chelsea17:00
Nov 22Atletico Madrid vs Roma19:45
Dec 5Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid19:45
Dec 5Roma vs Qarabag19:45

Champions League 2017/18 Group D Schedule

DateChampions League MatchTime (BST)
Sep 12Barcelona vs Juventus19:45
Sep 12Olympiacos vs Sporting19:45
Sep 27Sporting vs Barcelona19:45
Sep 27Juventus vs Olympiacos19:45
Oct 18Juventus vs Sporting19:45
Oct 18Barcelona vs Olympiacos19:45
Oct 31Sporting vs Juventus19:45
Oct 31Olympiacos vs Barcelona19:45
Nov 22Juventus vs Barcelona19:45
Nov 22Sporting vs Olympiacos19:45
Dec 5Barcelona vs Sporting19:45
Dec 5Olympiacos vs Juventus19:45

Champions League 2017/18 Schedule

Champions League 2017/18 Group E Schedule

DateChampions League MatchTime (BST)
Sep 13Maribor vs Spartak Moscow19:45
Sep 13Liverpool vs Sevilla19:45
Sep 26Sevilla vs Maribor19:45
Sep 26Spartak Moscow vs Liverpool19:45
Oct 17Spartak Moscow vs Sevilla19:45
Oct 17Maribor vs Liverpool19:45
Nov 1Sevilla vs Spartak Moscow19:45
Nov 1Liverpool vs Maribor19:45
Nov 21Spartak Moscow vs Maribor17:00
Nov 21Sevilla vs Liverpool19:45
Dec 6Maribor vs Sevilla19:45
Dec 6Liverpool vs Spartak Moscow19:45

Champions League 2017/18 Group F Schedule

DateChampions League MatchTime (BST)
Sep 13Feyenoord vs Manchester City19:45
Sep 13Shakhtar Donetsk vs Napoli19:45
Sep 26Napoli vs Feyenoord19:45
Sep 26Manchester City vs Shakhtar Donetsk19:45
Oct 17Manchester City vs Napoli19:45
Oct 17Feyenoord vs Shakhtar Donetsk19:45
Nov 1Napoli vs Manchester City19:45
Nov 1Shakhtar Donetsk vs Feyenoord19:45
Nov 21Manchester City vs Feyenoord19:45
Nov 21Napoli vs Shakhtar Donetsk19:45
Dec 6Feyenoord vs Napoli19:45
Dec 6Shakhtar Donetsk vs Manchester City19:45

Champions League 2017/18 Group G Schedule

DateChampions League MatchTime (BST)
Sep 13RB Leipzig vs Monaco19:45
Sep 13Porto vs Besiktas19:45
Sep 26Besiktas vs RB Leipzig19:45
Sep 26Monaco vs Porto19:45
Oct 17Monaco vs Besiktas19:45
Oct 17RB Leipzig vs Porto19:45
Nov 1Besiktas vs Monaco19:45
Nov 1Porto vs RB Leipzig19:45
Nov 21Besiktas vs Porto19:45
Nov 21Monaco vs RB Leipzig19:45
Dec 6RB Leipzig vs Besiktas19:45
Dec 6Porto vs RB Leipzig19:45

Champions League 2017/18 Group H Schedule

DateChampions League MatchTime (BST)
Sep 13Real Madrid vs APOEL19:45
Sep 13Tottenham vs Borussia Dortmund19:45
Sep 26Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid19:45
Sep 26APOEL vs Tottenham19:45
Oct 17APOEL vs Borussia Dortmund19:45
Oct 17Real Madrid vs Tottenham19:45
Nov 1Borussia Dortmund vs APOEL19:45
Nov 1Tottenham vs Real Madrid19:45
Nov 21APOEL vs Real Madrid19:45
Nov 21Borussia Dortmund vs Tottenham19:45
Dec 6Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund19:45
Dec 6Tottenham vs APOEL19:45

Champions League Final 2018

The Champions League final will take place at the Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex in Kiev on Saturday, 26 May 2018. See below for ticket information.

Champions League 2017-18 Kiev Final Ticket Prices:

This is how each category is priced for the final match and buying tickets through UEFA’s official ticket portal is the best way to get your hands on face valued tickets.

  1. Category 1: €410
  2. Category 2: €300
  3. Category 3: €175
  4. Category 4: €80

Champions League Schedule 2017/18

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