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Odds World Cup 2022 – best odds to win football World Cup 2022!

Odds World Cup 2022

Odds World Cup 2022 winners – best football betting odds for World Cup 2022!

Odds World Cup 2022? World Cup 2022 winner odds? Who will win World Cup 2022? The football World Cup is the biggest sporting event we have on our planet. The tournament is decided every four years and after France won over Croatia in the final of 2014, everyone is now looking at the tournament to be played in the winter of 2022 in Qatar. Here you will find odds for World Cup 2022 winner and the best World Cup 2022 odds.

World Cup 2022 odds to win - best football odds for winning World Cup 2022!

Football World Cup 2022 betting odds tips

This time, it is in Qatar and there is a lot of interest in people around the world when the world’s best team makes up for the desirable trophy. Interest is enormous when the games start, but before the matches, they are looking for everything possible when it comes to the football. There are many who like to play at the matches or the tournament and of course, you want to play for the best odds at World Cup 2022.

In front of World Cup 2022 in Qatar, there are many odds markets to play. You can play on everything from the match winners to the number of goals, and who makes goals can add their games and you can also play on the question that everyone poses.

Who will win World Cup 2022? Are you looking for the best odds on football when it comes to the World Championships in Qatar, you’ve come right!

Odds World Championship Matches – Match Odds (1X2) & Target Odds (Over 2.5 & Under 2.5)

When the game is complete, we will enter all the matches in the tables below!

Here are all match odds (1X2) and Over / Under games with goalscores of Over 2.5 and Under 2.5 goals on all World Cup matches from the first round. Over time, we complete odds for all matches from the entire tournament:

Odds football World Cup winner 2022

Are you looking for the best odds at World Cup 2022? It’s a big question mark when it comes to who wins the World Cup in 2022. Everything can happen and there are no restrictions. Everyone can meet and anything can happen. Something we got proof of the World Cup 2018. It’s almost always the same nations aspiring to the cup. The ruling champions, France are always on the top.

This along with Brazil has been a great favourite for almost every World Cup played. Closely followed by countries such as France, Spain and Argentina, they also grew successful in the tournament. Thoughts of favourite cabinets are separated from person to person. But the market’s gaming company usually agrees with who one believes to win.

World Cup 2022 outright winner odds

The table below provides you with the best odds and what they pay to the winner. Unibet, bet365 and betsafe are three betting pages that usually offer the best odds. Here are the best Odds World Cup 2022.

World Cup 2022 odds winners Winner Top 4
Brazil 6.00 1.95
Argentina 6.75 2.40
France 9.50 2.50
Spain 11.00 2.85
England 11.50 2.90
Germany 12.50 3.25
Netherlands 14.00 3.25
Portugal 16.00 3.75
Belgium 21.00 4.00
Denmark 29.00 5.50
Uruguay 41.00 6.50
Croatia 76.00 7.00
Serbia 91.00 10.00
Ecuador 111.00 31.00
Switzerland 141.00 12.00
Senegal 161.00 14.00
Mexico 181.00 17.00
Morocco 226.00 26.00
Poland 226.00 15.00
USA 226.00 17.00
Wales 276.00 31.00
Canada 376.00 38.00
Japan 476.00 31.00
Australia 476.00 126.00
Ghana 476.00 67.00
Iran 476.00 71.00
South Korea 551.00 61.00
Cameroon 651.00 71.00
Qatar 651.00 67.00
Costa Rica 901.00 151.00
Saudi Arabia 901.00 201.00
Tunisia 901.00 101.00

World Cup Group winners predictions – here are all group winners according to the odds!

Below you will find the odds of each group in the Soccer World Cup 2022. All players are wagered on both group winners and if the team moves on from the group. Some odds are more obvious than others.

Here are odds for winners in all World Cup groups were we in addition to odds for group winners also present odds for teams expected to finish at 1-2. The odds are updated as soon as possible. Here are the World Cup 2022 group winner odds.

Group A Odds
Group B Odds
Netherlands 1.42 England 1.44
Ecuador 4.50 USA 5.75
Senegal 7.00 Wales 7.00
Qatar 67.00 Iran 16.00

Netherlands (1.42) and Ecuador (4.50) are the favorites to win Group A in World Cup 2022. The favorites to win in Group B are England (1.44) and USA (5.75).

Group C Odds
Group D
Argentina 1.37 France 1.58
Mexico 6.75 Denmark 2.95
Poland 6.75 Tunisia 18.00
Saudi Arabia 21.0 Australia 21.00

Argentina (1.37) and Mexico (6.75) are the favorites to win Group C in World Cup 2022. The favorites to win in Group D are France (1.58) and Denmark (2.95).

Group E Odds
Group F Odds
Spain 1.93 Belgium 1.75
Germany 2.18 Croatia 3.00
Japan 12.00 Morocco 10.00
Costa Rica 67.00 Canada 13.00

Spain (1.93) and Germany (2.18) are the favorites to win Group C in World Cup 2022. The favorites to win in Group D are Belgium (1.75) and Croatia (2.95).

Group G Odds Group H Odds
Brazil 1.34 Portugal 1.74
Switzerland 6.75 Uruguay 2.85
Serbia 7.50 South Korea 12.50
Cameroon 21.00 Ghana 15.00

Brazil (1.34) and Switzerland (6.75) are the favorites to win Group G in World Cup 2022. The favorites to win in Group H are Portugal (1.74) and Uruguay (2.85).

Here the odds of the most goals in World Cup 2022

Who will score the most goals in World Cup 2022? Below you will find odds for the biggest attackers and how much dividends it gives to put a bet on each player.

Top goalscorer World Cup odds Odds
Kylian Mbappé 7.00
Harry Kane 8.00
Karim Benzema 12.00
Cristiano Ronaldo 16.00
Lionel Messi 16.00
Neymar 20.00
Romelu Lukaku 20.00
Memphis 20.00
Gabriel Jesus 25.00

Odds team with most goals – which team will score most goals in World Cup 2022?

Which team will make the most goals in World Cup 2022? Here you have the odds on which teams will score the most goals in World Cup 2022:

Team to score most goals in World Cup Odds
Brazil 6.00
Argentina 6.75
France 9.50
Spain 11.00
England 11.50
Germany 12.50
Netherlands 14.00
Portugal 16.00
Belgium 21.00
Denmark 29.00
Uruguay 41.00
Croatia 76.00
Serbia 91.00
Ecuador 111.00
Switzerland 141.00
Senegal 161.00
Mexico 181.00
Morocco 226.00
Poland 226.00
USA 226.00
Wales 276.00
Canada 376.00
Japan 476.00
Australia 476.00
Ghana 476.00
Iran 476.00
South Korea 551.00
Cameroon 651.00
Qatar 651.00
Costa Rica 901.00
Saudi Arabia 901.00
Tunisia 901.00

Odds World Cup 2022

Odds team with least goals – which team will score the least goals in World Cup 2022

Odds on teams scoring the least goals in World Cup 2022? Here are the odds of the teams expected to score the least goals in the summer’s World Cup 2022:

Team to score least goals in World Cup Odds
Tunisia 6.00
Saudi Arabia 6.75
Costa Rica 9.50
Qatar 11.00
Cameroon 11.50
South Korea 12.50
Iran 14.00
Ghana 16.00
Australia 21.00
Japan 29.00
Canada 41.00
Wales 76.00
USA 91.00
Poland 111.00
Morocco 141.00
Mexico 161.00
Senegal 181.00
Switzerland 226.00
Ecuador 226.00
Serbia 226.00
Croatia 276.00
Uruguay 376.00
Denmark 476.00
Belgium 476.00
Portugal 476.00
Netherlands 476.00
Germany 551.00
England 651.00
Spain 651.00
France 901.00
Argentina 901.00
Brazil 901.00

Odds to win World Cup 2022 favorites

Which team will win the World Cup? It’s hard to say which team is the most favourite. Looking at the team with the lowest odds we get a good overview.

Just like all World Cup finals, Brazil (9.00) and Germany (10.00) are two of the favourites. Even France (6.50) and Spain (8.50) are possible winners and are favourites.

However, France is favourite. France won the 2014 tournament after beating Croatia in the final. And the question is if you can defend the gold.

Odds to win World Cup 2022 underdogs

Odds World Cup 2022? Who are the underdogs in the World Cup? And what are the odds? There are a couple of teams to play as underdogs in the World Cup. Placing a bet in the biggest countries does not always give so much. Therefore, you can throw your eyes on countries with a good squad but are not favourites.

There are three teams that stand out a bit more than the others when it comes to underdogs. It is especially Belgium, England and Portugal that may surprise. Especially the second country when they finished runner-ups in Euros in 2020.

We at Silly Season put Belgium (14.00), England (11.00) and Portugal (12.00) as potential surprises. All three of the teams have good troops. However, it has not been successful in the World Cup in recent years. Something that can now change.

World Cup 2022 Odds

England to win 2022 World Cup odds

England to win 2022 World Cup odds? Choose betting pages with live stream in the EU, so you can play live betting and watch the matches live, that too free!
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