Coppa Italia live streaming: how to watch Coppa Italia live stream free online!

Coppa Italia live streaming: how to watch Coppa Italia live stream free online!

Coppa Italia Live Stream free: how to watch Coppa Italia stream free online!

Coppa Italia live streaming free? Watch Live Coppa Italia live stream free? Where to live stream Coppa Italia? How to stream Coppa Italia live stream free online? We have compiled all the information you need about Coppa Italia live streaming.

Coppa Italia live streaming: how to watch it live stream free online!

The Coppa Italia is the top domestic knockout tournament in Italy. It allows teams from the 4 levels of Italian football league system to participate. Level 1 consists of all 20 Serie A teams, level 2 through 4 are all the Italian Football League teams ranging from Serie B, C, and D.

In the first round of the Coppa Italia, Serie D teams aim to qualify before meeting Serie C teams in the second round. The Serie B and Serie A clubs enter last. In the modern-day rules, only the Serie A top 8 teams enter in the last 16 round and do not face each other. Instead, they face the teams who have qualified.

The first Coppa Italia match took place back in 1922 November.

Coppa Italia happens yearly in Italy as a cup competition. It is one of Italy’s important sporting events. It started in 1922 and continued with several breaks in between, one of them being post the second World War. From 1958, this cup competition has been held annually in Italy, surfacing as a reputable cup event in the football world. Juventus FC holds the record for having the most number of win – 13 in total. They are followed by Roma at 9 wins in Coppa Italia.

In this century, Juventus and AS Roma are the most successful Coppa Italia teams. The defending champions are out of the Coppa Italia.

Coppa Italia Live Streaming fixtures

The following data has been collected from the Coppa Italia fixtures. Teams from Serie A almost all went through barring a few exceptions like defending champions Lazio. However, not all teams will stay. The semi finals are on. Let us take a look at the fixtures from the round of 16, since that is where the top 8 Serie A teams come into the picture.

Round of 16

Coppa Italia live streaming: how to watch it live stream free online!

The results for the round of 16 are:

DateTeam 1Team 2Results
2020-01-09TorinoGenoa1-1 (5-3 pet.)
2020-01-14Inter MilanCagliari4-1
2020-01-15AC MilanSPAL3-0
2020-01-16ParmaAS Roma0-2

Quarter Final

The results for the quarter final are:

DateTeam 1Team 2Results
2020-01-22JuventusAS Roma3-1
2020-01-28Inter MilanTorino4-2 (extra time)
2020-01-29AC MilanFiorentina2-1

Semi Final

The semi finals have two legs.

First Leg

The results for the first leg are:

DateTeam 1Team 2Results
2020-02-12Inter MilanNapoli0-1
2020-02-13AC Milan Juventus1-1

Second Leg

The second leg has not been played yet.

DateTeam 1Team 2Results
2020-06-12NapoliInter Milan1-1
2020-06-12JuventusAC Milan0-0

Coppa Italia Final

DateTeam 1Team 2Results


Watch Coppa Italia Live Stream Free

Watch the Italian Football Cup on BBC –

For every fan watching the game from the United Kingdom, Sky Sports is an extremely reliable broadcaster. They have exclusive rights to the Coppa Italia draw as well. For fans around the world, following the Sky Sports channel is the best way to learn about the Coppa Italia!

Coppa Italia live streaming: how to watch it live stream free online!

Watch the Italian Football Cup on SkyBet –

In the initial preliminary stages, the Coppa Italia matches are not all shown on TV. Especially if you are living outside of the United Kingdom or Ireland, it is difficult to follow the Coppa Italia on TV. From the 16 teams round onwards it becomes easy. The smaller matches like the matches played by the Serie B,C,D teams may or may not be shown.

The bigger matches are definitely broadcasted. When teams from the Serie A division play, it is definitely broadcasted. The Coppa Italia TV fixtures will be available. The biggest match for the Coppa Italia semi finals fixtures are Napoli vs Inter Milan and AC Milan vs Juventus! Both sets of teams are doing well this season and Juventus will want to bag an extra trophy as well. Its time for the final tomorrow for Juventus vs Napoli

Top Coppa Italia Live Streaming Sites

Here are some live streaming websites that provides free Coppa Italia live stream online:

  • Wiziwig
  • FirstRowSports
  • Cricfree Soccer
  • TechRadar
  • LiveFootballol
  • Sporticos
  • CR7
  • Total Sportek
  • Stream2Watch
  • LiveSoccerTV

Watch Coppa Italia On TV: how to watch Coppa Italia live stream in other countries!

Here, we have enlisted the broadcasters for the Coppa Italia who will be showing the matches in Italian.

The United States of AmericaESPN
EnglandBT Sport
ScotlandBT Sport
IrelandBT Sport
WalesBT Sport

Italian Football Cup Final 2020!

It’s Coppa Italia fever and the Coppa Italia Final will be here soon! Here we’ve detailed everything you need to know about Coppa Italia 2020. Find out here where to get the Coppa Italia final tickets. Can’t get the tickets?

Know where to watch the Coppa Italia on TV and Coppa Italia final on UK TV, along with Coppa Italia Livestream. Additionally, learn about last year’s Coppa Italia 2019 – who won and who lost? Learn about the Coppa Italia results! Don’t miss out on these valuable bits of information, so you’ll be ready for finals when it comes around!

Coppa Italia final 2020

The final round is played between the final two teams which remain. There were 4 teams remaining – Inter Milan, Napoli, AC Milan, and Juventus. These teams are now in the final stage with two teams out. From here, only two teams will play the finals which will be held in the summer – 17th of June 2020. The finalists are Juventus and Napoli.

Coppa Italia live streaming: how to watch it live stream free online!

The Coppa Italia final 2019 was played between Lazio and Atalanta on the 16th of May, 2019. SS Lazio emerged as the final winners of Coppa Italia in 2019 with a score of 2-0. These two clubs faced each other for the very first time ever in the Coppa Italia last phase.


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