Did Pogba deserve red card against Spurs?

Paul Pogba went in on a rash challenge last night and former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher has given his verdict on it.

“I think yellow card. He goes to win the ball with the other foot, he has taken a step to go over it, he does go over the ball and he catches him on the back of the thigh. It is reckless, but he genuinely goes to play the ball.”

“Is he going to be second yellow-carded for delaying the restart? Well, he did not really delay the restart because the restart could not take place because Mike Dean had to give him a yellow card, he probably had to speak to him and say: ‘Look, I think you are reckless, that is a high-tariff yellow card’. He wanted time to take him out and cool him down and in that period, you could not really restart the game.”

“He may be stopping a fast free-kick, but the referee controlled that himself, so he did not really delay the restart himself.”

It was Pogba’s pass which unlocked Spurs defence to give United a 1-0 win. His sublime pass saw Rashford bury in the only goal of the match.

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