10 worst PL players: top 10 worst players in PL 2019-20 season

10 worst PL players

10 worst PL players in PL this season? Who have been so bad that they have made the 10 worst PL players?

10 worst PL players: top 10 worst players in PL 2019-20 season

These 10 worst PL players in 2019-20 season are here. We have made a list of 10 worst PL players this season. There are lots of bad teams as well. However, we have focused on the biggest spenders to find our 10 worst PL players this season. From the big clubs, how many are in the 10 worst PL players?

Arsenal : 10 worst PL players

Granit Xhaka:

The Arsenal captain has been once again a horrible player for the Gunners. How Xhaka ever got nominated as captain, only Emery will know. Signed by Arsene Wenger as a player to control and dominate the midfield, Xhaka has utterly failed in that role.

He loses the ball more often than not  while attempting forward passes. Even when passing back, he seems shaky. In terms of his positioning to play out of the back, few are worse than him. Last but not the least, the player does not have a drop of defending skill in him either. Well, lets keep him around for that one stunning free kick for the season.


When Arsenal signed David Luiz in the summer, questions were raised. Hence kudos to Sokratis for outdoing Luiz as the worst defender in the starting line-up. Basic errors in defending and horrible lapses of concentration are perhaps an accurate description. The player has failed to marshal the backline.

He has left his keeper exposes, his teammates stranded and with his pace, opponents have walked past him or been dragged down by fouls.Unlike Xhaka, we still believe he can turn it around though. Let’s hope he regains his form soon. Arsenal will need him to qualify for the top four.

Tottenham Hotspur : 10 worst PL players

Hugo Lloris:

It is extremely unfortunate what happened to Hugo last weekend against Brighton. However, up until then, the way he was playing, Poch might have thought about benching him. Lloris has been awfully off form this season. Mistakes, one after another had been coming thick and fast.

The France national team captain has always been knowing for overplaying and committing silly mistakes at the back. However, this season, the frequency of that seemed to have quadrupled. Add to this the fact that the player who is generally brilliant with reflexes, let easy shots go past him. However, football is in its own place and health comes first. We wish you speedy recovery Hugo and hope to see you in action soon!

Toby Alderweireld:

Are we looking for culprits at Tottenham? Well this man has successfully justified why nobody came for him in the summer even though he had an incredibly low price tag. Alderweireld used to be one of the best defenders in the Premier League. Now, he has deteriorated down to the level where he will probably become a free agent.

Out of form, out of shape and lack of discipline highlights his game this season. The player has been slow and careless this season and Spurs need to cut him loose.

Chelsea: 10 worst PL players


How does he make the team? How did he ever make any team? He adds one goal in 5 matches after losing the ball a gazillion times. He runs and runs but has no direction. He dribbles and dribbles but has no purpose. He passes long and the ball goes out of play.

Pedro is one of those players, who just mysteriously makes the cut. He is probably below the academy graduates in the pecking order  at Chelsea. Or at least he should be. However, Lampard continues to baffle us and put him over Pulisic. Apparently, he has “big game” experience. Well if that is all that counted Frank, why not sign Lord Bendtner and have him replace Tammy.

Ross Barkley:

A brilliant pre season and then the downhill slope starts. Barkley has all but disappointed. He has faded away from the first team action rather quickly. Barkley takes way too long on the ball. He does not seem to have any clue of what a one-touch game is. He eventually runs into a wall and attempts something ridiculously complicated.

He seems to have become a one horse pony. Unless he changes his game fast and learns, he will be left out more often.

Manchester United: 10 worst PL players

Ashley Young:

Another player who does not deserve to start. And yet he is the captain. If Sir Alex Ferguson had known that Young was leading the team, he would probably not have retired. Young is not a winger anymore, not a defender ever. Yet he keeps starting. He keeps losing possession. He keeps fouling.

The player needs to realise that he is not Manchester United quality He is already bringing an average team further down.


Why United signed him for such a huge fee, we will never understand. He cannot do the simple things United ask of him. He plays in his own world. Runs with the ball in his own way and plays his own brand of ball. Fred does not track back enough Nor is he consistent. He has this flashes of hard work where he runs back at times.

Manchester City: 10 worst PL players

Nicolas Otamendi:

The Manchester City team has done brilliantly well since the arrival of Pep. However, circumstances has seen Pep lose his half centre backs this season. He is stuck with Otamendi and makeshift Fernandinho at the back. And surprisingly, Fernandinho has done well whereas Otamendi has been a liability. Pep will need solutions in January as Otamendi is all but done.

Everton: 10 worst PL players

Michael Keane:

Everton are languishing near the bottom of the table. The Toffees are playing horrible football and Keane at the back has been horrific. The promising young centre back has been terrible in defence. Everton were keen on Zouma in the summer. Having seen Keane’s shaky performance at the back, Everton will want to get Zouma at an cost.


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