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2-1 vs Newcastle, Robin van Persie, MCFC & Gervinho.


Dear readers,

The last minute winner against Newcastle was not only extremely satisfying but also very imporant. Where is the gap now, Tottenham? Three weeks ago, the gap was at 10 points and it is now down to 1. We are also 3 points ahead of Chelsea and things are looking good for the rest of the season. Mind, Chelsea still needs to come to the Emirates and Tottenham has to go to Stamford Bridge. Within the next two rounds, Arsenal could see themselves in third place and all the haters will go back into their cupboards. Back in autumn, when Arsenal lost to Blackburn, I was concinvinced we would still get top 4. Alas, it is looking like it right now even though there is plenty of points still to contend for. If I’m being honest, I would rather have Chelsea in the Champion’s League than Tottenham (I hate Harry Redknapp’s ugly red nose and Bale’s chimpanzee appearance more than anything in football). 

The rumour-mill is spinning out of control with regards to Robin van Persie. Let us get our facts straight. There are two possible scenarios regarding him and Manchester City: A) He has a pre-contract with them which means MCFC has acted illegally and you are not allowed by football law to sign a pre-contract with a player who has that much time left on his contract or B) There is no pre-contract and it is all the doing of a bullshit journalist (Duncan Castles) who conveniently works for an UAE based newspaper. How convenient. It is no news that journalists can be bought to write a figure to stirr up stories. This might just be the case for Duncan Castles. Also, Robin van Persie does not have an “agent” per se, he only has an advisor. So take any quotes from van Persie’s “agent” with a pinch of salt. 


Gervinho needs to get his record straight. That penalty miss in Africa will be hard to get over, but as a professional, he should manage. Otherwise there is no place for him in world football.




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