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2019 Barcelona budget reveals biggest income in World Sports

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The club are set to become the first ever sport’s team to generate  €1 billion income this season.

Barcelona will become the first sport’s team in the world to take in such turnover amount.

La Liga champions Barcelona expect to pocket €1 billion this season, €57 million more than last season, with a net profit of €40 million and €11 million profit after tax. This is what Barcelona CEO, Oscar Grau, confirmed as the club closes the accounts for the 2018/19 season and reveals the budget for this year.

“It’s an historic record for a sports club, it’s better than the NBA and NFL franchises and other football clubs,” Barcelona managing director Oscar Grau told a news conference.

A statement from the club on Thursday said they had made record turnover of €990 million last season and projected an increase to exacly €1.047 billion for the 2019/2020 campaign.

“This figure represents a new record in the world of sport, and means the surpassing of internal forecasts, since the Strategic Plan approved by the Board of Directors expected profits to reach the figure of €1 billion euros in 2021,” added Barca.

In the commercial area an increase of 24% was recorded, for a total of €62 million. This is as a result of the contributions by new sponsors and improvements in renewal agreements. A highlight is the success of the first year of self-management of Barca Stores and commercial licenses, with a turnover of €63 million through Barcelona Licensing & Merchandising (BLM).

In terms of transfers, the 46% reduction, estimated at €97 million, is explained by the extraordinary income from the payment of player Neymar Jr.’s buyout clause. This difference has been offset by recurring business activities such as stadium, media and commercial.

In order to achieve the record income goal, the Blaugrana want to reduce the salary of the sporting department by 3% from €525 million to €507 million.


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