5 best ways to improve VAR


VAR improvement has been discussed by Sunday Supplement panel.

After another weekend of VAR controversy, Jonathan Northcroft said on Sunday Supplement the process was unsatisfactory.

“What was uncomfortable about the decision and what Jose Mourinho complained about, although he had won the game so he was more smiling than furious, was that VAR is only supposed to advise the referee if there is a clear and obvious error,” he told the panel.

“After all of this process after all these minutes of replays you could still debate whether he was offside or not, so I can’t see really where there was a clear and obvious error.

“David Wagner’s point, and he was actually more annoyed about it than Mourinho even though the decision had gone in his favour, was that moment killed the passion and emotion of the game.

“It was little bit like deflating the game and taking the air out of a balloon at a key moment. VAR did get it right but the process was so unsatisfactory and they appeared to go against its own protocol that it has left us now with question rather than answers and VAR is supposed to give us answers.”

Here are 5 ways to improve VAR…

Transparency: “You have got to hear the conversation that is taking place between the referee and the VAR. That has to be broadcast, we need to hear the conversation.”

Decision Making: “The key to it all is are we getting the decisions right? At the moment the decisions do look like they are the correct decisions but more by look than actual good judgement and that can’t be allowed to continue.

Learn from Cricket: “We need to see the replays that are being watched by the VAR because it is all about giving us confidence in the officials”

Better technology: “VAR officials have to be armed with the best possible technology and that means taking the footage from the TV companies because you have got so many camera angles and you are then armed with better information and able to make better decisions.”

Speed – “It has to be much faster and maybe have a cut-off point. If you can’t make a decision in a minute, then you can’t prove it and that’s it.”


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