5 football stadiums that are haunted

5 haunted football stadiums

Football stadiums are nothing short of holy shrines for football pilgrims, aren’t they? Visiting the home of your favourite club and watching your team play live is a dream many supporters harbour since young ages.

While some football stadiums have held innumerable memories of glory, some have also accounted for unusual supernatural happenings. While such activities haven’t been known to bring harm to anyone working at the clubs, they have surely left people unsettled and wondering about certain things.

On that note, let’s have a look at 5 stadiums that have been haunted.

5. Highbury
5 haunted football stadiums
Arsenal’s famous and now demolished Highbury stadium holds a bunch of memories to cherish, specifically the Gunners lifting that golden Premier League trophy for an unbeaten season. However, there’s more to the story than what appeara to be.

Apparently, it was said that the stadium was haunted by two ghosts – a horse who lost his life during the demolition of the stadium and Herbert Chapman, one of of the most famous managerial figures in Arsenal’s history.

No harm has been reported to befall the supporters or the working class, but again, you can’t guarantee about anything that’s spooky, isn’t it?

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