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5 players who despise football

5 players who hate football

There’s a reason why they call football as the beautiful game, isn’t it? The sport brings smiles to millions around the globe.

Football’s an escape route for us when it comes to an upset mood or an attempt to cap off a boring week with a tinge of fun and excitement. In the wildest of our dreams, we always envisage ourselves scoring a wonder goal and celebrating in front of thousands of supporters who are bellowing your name at the top of their voices.

As good a figment of imagination as it is, there apparently are some men who fail to savour the beauty it has, even after the following football as a profession for decades.

On that note, let’s have a look at 5 such players who despise playing the beautiful game.

5. David Batty
5 players who hate football
In a list of well-known footballers till date, David Batty’s name is almost negligible. Having enjoyed the sport of football as a profession for 18 long years, the Englishman played for Leeds United, Newcastle United and Blackburn Rovers.

Batty was also a part of the English national team in the 1988 World Cup and UEFA Euro in 1992. He is mostly remembered for missing a penalty against Argentina in the World Cup.

Back in 2007, a disgruntled Batty accepted that football was no more fun for him, as he said,

“The national game is boring. And I’ve not been to watch any match since I finished playing. I can never understand anybody paying to watch it, never mind going all the way across the world to see it. You want to be entertained.”


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