5 players who represented two or more nations

5 footballers who represented two or more nations

Representing your own country on an international level is pride not many experiences, isn’t it? Moreover, donning the colours of your nation as a representative in front of thousands of fans wells up players and fills their chest with unparalleled ecstasy.

And yet, some footballers have been two minds about the international colours they have chosen to represent. As one can expect, such decisions have hardly gone down well with the supporters. On that note, let’s have a look at five such players who changed nationalities midway in their careers.

5. Diego Costa

5 footballers who represented two or more nations

On the pitch, Diego Costa is known as an irascible and strong-headed personality, albeit his ability in front of the goal never was into question. He has had a successful club career, playing for the likes of Atletico Madrid and Chelsea.

However, Costa is also known for having swapped his nationalities. The Brazil-born player represented the Selecao for two games before deciding to switch allegiances, inviting controversy over the same.

As a result, Costa endured a lot of boos at the World Cup in 2014 for his decision.

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