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5 players who were transferred in exchange for food

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When footballers switch clubs, they usually do it in exchange for a lot of money. Monetary compensation is the biggest reason why clubs actually agree on parting with their players and why a player decides to join them.

But, have you heard food acting as a currency in a transfer? Weird, isn’t it? But true, nonetheless. Let’s have a look at five such players who were transferred in exchange for eatables.

5. Hugh McLanahan to Manchester United
Manchester United are known for splashing the cash when it comes to buying world-class players. However, there was a time when they actually used two freezers full of ice cream to get a deal done in 1927.

United signed Stockport County winger Hugh McLenahan by providing two freezers of ice cream to a fund-raising event that Stockport had organized to save themselves from bankruptcy.

McLanahan went on to play nine seasons at United and score 12 goals in 116 appearances. Pretty good deal in lieu for two freezers full of ice cream, isn’t it?

4. Ernie Blenkinsop to Hull City
Ernie Blenkinsop worked as a coal miner and played as a footballer for local village club Cudworth United. In 1921, Hull City decided to get their hands on him but unwilling to part with actual cash to get him on-board.

In the end, Hull City agreed to pay £100 and a barrel of beer to get their man. Blenkinsop only made a handful of appearances for them, before going on to have a great time at Sheffield United and Liverpool.

3. Ion Radu to Chimia Ramnicu Valcea
CS Jiul Petrosani were relegated from the Romanian Top Division in 1998 and were on the brink of bankruptcy. Amidst the financial turmoil, they started selling their bulky squad.

Petrosani found one particularly interesting buyer for Ion Radu in Fourth Division club, Valcea. Radu joined them in exchange for two tonnes of beef and pork.

The Petrosani chairman stated that the food could be sold to pay the wages of other players.

2. Kenneth Kristensen to Vindbjart
Norweigan third-tier side Vindbjart were in need of a striker when they decided to pursue Kenneth Kristensen, who played for their fierce rivals Flekkeroy, in 2002. Now, when a club usually deals with its rivals over the transfer of a player, shelling out mounds of cash is usually a given.

However, Vindbjart actually managed to convince their rivals to sell Kristensen in exchange for his weight in shrimp. In the end, the striker joined Vindbjart after the club paid 75kg shrimp to Flekkeroy for his services.

1. Marius Cioara to Regnal Hornia
Now this one is as latest as it gets, and also the funniest! UT Arad defender was sold to Romanian Fourth Division side Regnal Hornia in 2006. Want to know what was involved in the exchange?

Well, Regnal Hornia got their man in lieu for just 15 kg of sausages! The deal outraged Cioara that he actually retired the next day! Yet to know whether Hornia managed to get a refund on those sausages.

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