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Juan Mata wants Europa League success!


Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata has insisted he is determined to achieve Europa League glory with the club this season.

It [the Europa League] became a while ago very important for us,” Mata said. “I still think we have the chance to get to the Champions League through the Premier League.

“I still think we can win a lot of games and get into the third or fourth positions. But it’s another chance for us and we will take it very seriously.

“It’s very important. It could be one more trophy and it means we play Champions League.

Obviously it was a disappointment on Monday that we went out of the FA Cup. It could have been another trophy in a season where we have already won two trophies, but we need to focus on what we are in.

“We are in the Premier League, obviously not playing for the championship, but playing for the third or fourth position, and trying to win the Europa League.

“I consider myself the same player with more or less the same qualities as I always had,” Mata added

“It’s always about reaching your confidence level and physically being ready for every game. I’m happy with that, and after that trying to help my team-mates.

“This season, I’m scoring goals and I’m happy with that but obviously I want more.

“I have good games and bad games like everyone but in terms of how many games I have played and how many goals I’ve scored or assisted I’m happy about it.

“But in my mindset it’s never enough. I always try to improve every season. This season it has seemed to work.”


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