Aaron Ramsey reveals how badly Juventus wanted him

Aaron Ramsey reveals how badly Juventus wanted him

Juventus central midfielder Aaron Ramsey talks about Juventus and how clear it was that they wanted him when he was still playing with the Gunners.

The Wales international couldn’t get an extended contract at Arsenal and in the summer of 2019, Juventus came in and swooped him up.

“After the situation at Arsenal, Juve went ahead and made me a proposal,” he said. “They wanted me at all costs, they tried very hard to get me to the club.”

“I am excited to have taken this opportunity, and I am happy to be able to play for this great club, to represent it and to make my contribution to try to win many titles.”

“Being part of Juventus, in general, is exceptional, like being able to play with all its players. It is truly wonderful to be part of it.

Ramsey also talked about the differences between Serie A and Premier League and how it is like to play for each of them.

“Serie A is much more tactical than the Premier League. Many teams defend deep and you have to try to break down two rows of defenders in different ways.

“In the Premier League there is more space, plus the intensity is higher because you have to look behind yourself more. But I’m impressed by Serie A, from a technical and quality standpoint.”

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