Adam Johnson facing ten years in prison

The ex-Sunderland player has been told to ‘Say goodbye to your daughter.’

Adam Johnson is facing a “significant” amount of time in jail after being found guilty of one count of sexual activity with a child.

The jury did find not guilty on one count of sexual abuse with the child but the jury did find him guilty on a second count of sexual abuse, with them returning with a 10-2 majority vote finding him guilty.

He has been convicted of digitally penetrating the 15-year old and it now seems highly likely that he will be spending a significant amount of time in jail.

Allowed out on bail for now

He doesn’t face prison quite yet, with the judge letting the 28-year old leave on bail for the next few weeks so that he can ‘say goodbye’ to his daughter, as it is likely he will ‘not see her for some time.’

Johnson will face at least four years in prison according to the judge, with the ‘starting point’ being five years. The judge claimed it could vary from four years to as many as ten years behind bars, with him also stating that there is a “very high probability of a significant custodial sentence.”

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