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Adam Johnson tells youngsters do avoid joining City


Adam Johnson has warned young English players to avoid joining City if they want to have a good career.

The 25-year-old returns to Man City this weekend and he is determined to prove a point to Roberto Mancini. 

Johnson said: “Now if I was a young lad I wouldn’t go to City. It’s not that you’re not good enough, it’s just that the likes of Yaya Toure are going to play ahead of you no matter what you do.

“I’d advise young, young English players that you won’t get the chance to play as much as you like.”

 He then went on to add: “It has turned out that way with recent signings too. It is excellent when a club like City come for you, it’s hard to say no. You’re going to play for the champions.

“But you don’t actually play for the champions. You’re a squad member. It’s totally different.”

 In the two years spent at City, Johnson made 73 appearances and now being at Sunderland he hopes that his international career could improve as well.


Alex William Batt


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