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Aguero declares United as bigger rivals than Liverpool

Aguero declares United as bigger rivals than Liverpool

Sergio Aguero gained no supporters from Anfield by claiming that City’s actual rivals are United and not Liverpool!

“It may be the clasico for television, but for us, the clasico, it’s the match against United,” the Argentina international told France Football.

“Liverpool has always been a tough opponent. But when I arrived, the team we were fighting for the title was United.

“Initially, it was something strange in the city that Manchester City competes against United. Then there was Chelsea.”

He added: “But these last four seasons, Liverpool have become a very strong team and are now fighting with us to win the Premier League.

“It’s the only team in the league that can hurt us. They have been chasing a new league (title) for years.

“Last season, they didn’t go all the way, so they are very motivated. This year, they are in front of us and will try to go to the end.”

He explained: “We know that this is a ground where it’s very difficult to win, but we’ll try to do it because it has been a long time since the club last won there.

“This will be a key match for the title.”

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