Albert Gudmundsson reveals why he rejected Premier League duo


Albert Gudmundsson reveals why he rejected Premier League duo

The player’s dream is to play for Barcelona

Albert Gudmundsson joined PSV Eindhoven from Dutch side Heerenveen 4 years ago and his club career has been going very well since joining them. He is still keen to get more game time and wants himself develop more.

But before joining Heerenveen, the 20 year old had the chance to join either Arsenal or Liverpool and even had trials with both the clubs. But opted to move Netherlands and has revealed why he made that decision.

“It was difficult [to turn down Arsenal],” Gudmundsson, 20, told Goal. “I think my decision to go to Holland was more because I would get more quickly into the first team here. I went on trial at both Liverpool and Arsenal. I had a really good time there in England but, in the end, it was me being realistic about where I would get the most playing time.

“Arsenal are a team I support though, it was such a difficult decision. I was thinking about it for a while. I was 16 at the time and my family helped me with my decision. I think I took the right decision still, but you never know, we will see at the end of my career if I was wrong.

“I am really proud that my great grandfather played for Arsenal. I never got to see him play in person. It was also so long ago that we don’t have any clips of him playing football or anything. When I hear people talk about him they say that he was probably the best player that we ever had.

“It isn’t for me to say, because I never saw him, but I hear he was really, really good. The Premier League was on all the time. My dad is a big Manchester United fan. I support Arsenal. That’s because my grandpa played there. I am and I will always be an Arsenal fan, but if we were not watching the Premier League then we watched the Icelandic league and Spanish league.

The teenager also revealed that he is a big fan of Spanish football and especially likes Barcelona.

“I am a big fan of Spanish football because I like how they play football and keep it so simple. I especially like to watch Barcelona.”

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