Allardyce: You can’t compete

Sam Allardyce believes that Arsenal will no longer be able to compete with the best until they are willing to spend over £100 million a year.

The West-Ham manager has now sparked debates to whether Arsene Wenger is spending the clubs money right. Allardyce said: “I still go back to the fact that Arsenal’s building of the Emirates is one of the main reasons why they have not won another trophy or won the league since”.

“They haven’t had the spending power to sustain what they had before. They used all the money to build the stadium which limited their spending. So I’d say that was the start of what they haven’t been able to recover from.” 

Allardyce has said that the reason Arsenal are currently struggling is not from a ‘mental block’, but from not spending enough money. He added: “I would say looking at them that it’s a spending problem. “Can you spend £120-£150m in one year? Because that’s what happened at Manchester City and that’s what happened at Chelsea.

“One hundred million pounds-plus in one year. Is that within the capabilities of Arsenal’s spending power at the moment? “I would say probably not because they are in a position where they run that club in that particular way. “They obviously give Arsene as much as they can but I don’t think they can give as much as a Manchester City or probably a Chelsea can do.”

By Ollie Brown 

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