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Allegri admits Paul Pogba possibility to join Juventus


Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri wants Paul Pogba to be bck at the club

Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri admits Paul Pogba could join Juventus back. He agreed that Pogba’s performance in the recent World cup has been exceptional.

Pogba netted a goal during the Finals of the World Cup against Croatia which resulted in a 4-2 win.He was seen effective during the World cup while before the world cup he was mostly on bench under Mourinho.

Even his Internaional teammate Blaise Matuidi wants the player back at the Juventus.

Juventus boss Allegri who sold out Pogba to United for an initial €105million ($123m) has praised the players effort to bring down the World cup to France.

In talks with media reporters, he said, “I can only say I’m happy for having seen him grown up in an important competition like the World Cup, He played with great personality. Compared to the past, he matured a lot.”

Pogba joined Manchester United, on a five-year contract for a record- highest fees of  €105 million (£89.3 million) plus bonuses of €5 million, surpassing the former record holder Gerath Bale.

Pogba after joining the Red Devils in 2016 has played 88 matches for he side and has scord on 15 occasion. Before joining the English side, Pogba was representing Juventus. He joined the Italian side in 2012 and represented the italian side for 4-long-years.

He represented Juventus is 178 matches across all competition and was recorded 34 times on the scoring sheet.

The player was also linked recently to a possible move to Barcelona

Allegri also praised 21-year-old forward Andrea Favilli who scored goals against Bayern Munich in their re-season match. He also mentioned that the player can be loaned to Genoa for one year.

“Favilli is a good player,” he added.

“He has great potential and great skills, but I think he is about to move to Genoa on loan for next year.”

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