Allegri might take over as PSG boss this summer

Allegri might take over as PSG boss this summer

Former Juventus boss Allegri has plans to join French Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain, come this summer.

He has remarked that as of now, PSG seems like his best option.

“This season, the Champions League seems very open to me,” Allegri said. “I don’t know who’s favorite, because you no longer have a dominant team, like Real [Madrid] from three years ago. Some big clubs could fall in the Round of 16. We will see in the quarter-finals because by then the dynamics can still change. I don’t see a clear favorite. But Paris is obviously one of them.”

“There is a generational change also among the leaders,” Allegri said. “And Leonardo is a young manager who has an excellent career.”

“Not at all. I am out of football, I rest, I take advantage of my loved ones,” Allegri said. “I watch a few matches, it makes me see if I am still lucid. But I didn’t even see PSG against Borussia Dortmund. I’m going to watch the quarters seriously because in June I hope to find a club. Otherwise, I will get used to the holidays and I will no longer be able to work! I want to work next season, but I don’t know where yet. We’ll see.”

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