Andre Santos charged by police for dangerous driving

Arsenal defender, Andre Santos, has been charged by police for dangerous driving and driving without care and attention.

The 29-year-old full back was arrested last month for speeding just a couple of miles outside of the Arsenal training ground.

It was local policemen that noticed a car, believed to be a Maserati GranTurisomo, allegedly being driven at around 130mph and the driver failing to stop.

Andre Santos is expected to appear before magistrates later this month and he could be facing up to two years in prison if his case goes to Crown Court and if he gets convicted.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman confirmed: ‘Andre Santos, 29, of East Finchley, north London, has been charged with dangerous driving and driving without due care and attention on August 17th this year in Mill Hill, north west London.’

Alex William Batt

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