Andy Robertson Reveals His Liverpool Struggles

Andy Robertson has opened up on his early Liverpool struggles. The left back arrived in the summer of 2017 from Hull City.

Robertson has been a revelation since he joined Liverpool and has established himself pretty firmly in the first team set up. It hasn’t been an easy journey for the 24 year old who also was handed the armband of Scotland national team.

The left back didn’t jump into the starting lineup immediately after joining the club and had to wait for a long period before getting his long due chances. Alberto Moreno was the preferred choice on the left side of the defence and it took a bit long for Robertson to step in his place.

Robertson got his first big call in the 4-3 win over Manchester City in the Premier League. Since then he hasn’t looked back and has made a mark of his own on the English soil.

He said, “It was hard at the time as I was not used to not playing and it was something very new to me. I didn’t deal with it as well as I could

“I did struggle, and I was probably not the best to live with in the house, but it is hard because you are putting on a brave face on the training ground thinking you need to work hard to get in the team, but when you come home and start thinking about it and getting annoyed and frustrated, it goes into your family life.”

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