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Angel Rangel angered by Ref


The Swansea players were angered by the late minute penalty scored by Charlie Adams and leveled the game out to 3-3. The team felt that it wasn’t a penalty and that they should have won. The swans came back from going 2-0 down and were 3-2 up before the late penalty.

Angel Rangel said: “We did the difficult thing, scoring three goals in 45 minutes and I think in this case the referee made a mistake.”

It is the third time in 3 weeks were the Welsh side has conceded equalising goals, one of which was the draw in the Europa League against Kuban Krasnodor.

Rangel felt that the draw against the potters was different to the others.

Angel Rangel said: “In those two games we felt that we gave it away because we didn’t show enough character.”

“We really didn’t show the experience we should have when you are winning and there’s only a few minutes left so it was probably our own fault, but I felt this wasn’t. The team showed character and we wanted to make sure we didn’t give anything away but it was out of our hands and you just have to accept it, that’s football isn’t it? I think it was a clear mistake, you know.”

“The team felt anger, dissapointment because we didn’t deserve that, you know.”

“I think we gave a great performance and we’re so disappointed because it’s been a difficult week for us. We’ve already given a few points away in the Europa League in the last minute and we wanted to make sure we could do ourselves a favour and we didn’t do it but it wasn’t our fault so there’s only one to blame. First of all it wasn’t a free-kick at all.”

“He gave the free-kick and consequently the corner came and obviously then he [awarded] the penalty and it was a mistake, so we’re disappointed.”

Ashley Williams felt that it was a blow for Swansea who are only two points above the weekend.

“Getting the three points going into the internationals would have been nice,” said Williams. It’s what we deserved and it would have looked a bit better in the table but we did what we had to do and that’s the way we have to look at it. It is a sickener, we obviously would have preferred the points, but those things are out of our hands.”




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