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Antonio Conte tells Roman Abramovich to sign Gareth Bale


According to reports Chelsea Boss Antonio Conte is keen to get Real Madrid star Gareth Bale over to Stamford Bridge.

Actually the mainstream media said Conte is ‘desperate’, doubt very much he’s ‘desperate’.

Nor do I think this is actually true, so how have they come to this conclusion? what evidence to the mainstream media have?

Let’s have a look.

Spanish outlet Ok Diario is their source, a rag that is known for simply making stuff up, it never makes any sense, just for a moment come with into logic lane.

The Spanish outlet and the mainstream media report that Bale has been plagued by injuries all season and is finding it hard to keep a spot in Real Madrid and Antonio Conte has told Roman to get Gareth over to Chelsea.

Right off the bat this whole story is crap, ‘Plagued with injuries’, why is Conte so desperate to bring in Gareth Bale if he’s been ‘plagued by injuries’?

He wouldn’t, They claim Antonio Conte has held talks with owner Roman Abramovich and he has made it clear he wants the former Tottenham star to join them this summer.

How do they possibly know this? they don’t.

Their whole narrative in the mainstream media is that Eden Hazard is going to leave so they need to fill that gap with ‘plagued with injuries’ Bale.

Give me a break.

I bet you that you yourself could rattle off half a dozen players Conte would be more beneficial to bring into the club.

Just imagine it though, if Bale made the move to Chelsea he would no doubt be the highest paid player on the list of Chelsea players and salaries 2017

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