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Antonio Conte was asked if he will return to Italy – This was his reply…


Blues boss Antonio Conte has hinted that he would return to Serie A.

Conte has been linked with a move back to Italy since he started at the Blues, with rumours suggesting that Inter Milan are very eager to tempt him to San Siro as part of their long-term project to boost the club.

The 47-year-old Italian has however, admitted that he may be tempted to go back to his home country in the future and even hinted at interest from Inter and AC Milan, both of whom are now funded by Chinese investment groups.

When Chelsea boss Antonio Conte was asked if he would ever return home, Conte told TV show Emigratis: “Yes. My heart is always in Italy.”

When it was also suggested that his wages would be much too high for Serie A clubs, he replied: “Haven’t the new owners come in now?”

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