Arsenal explains Laurent Koscielny injury

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has given the fans an update on the injury concerns to defender Laurent Koscielny.

The defender took a nasty kick to the head against Fenerbache during the side’s 3-0 victory in Turkey on Wednesday night and the Frenchman left the field pouring with blood from his head.

When the incident happened between Koscielny and Fenerbache’s Pierre Webo, it was clear that Wenger was far from pleased about the challenge and after the game, he gave the lowdown on the injury and his thoughts on the high-boot from the striker.

‘Laurent Kosielny’s [injury] has opened very deeply the skull and we had to take him to hospital. I was not happy with the kick because I feel always that you can ease a bit off. Only the player in the end will know what he did. We are concerned because we had to send him to hospital to see if he has not broken a bone. We are waiting for him to come back now. We are waiting for information to find out if he can fly home with us. We faced a lot of challenges on Saturday and tonight again. That is part of the intensity of the game. Today, of course, there was so much at stake you can understand that. This special challenge, I don’t know really what to think about it. When I saw it, I was angry. But I don’t know if the player can explain to you exactly what he did’.

The high-boot seemed to spark a mass-debate on social networking sites as many people brought up the Nani incident from last season when the Manchester United striker got sent off for doing exactly the same to a Real Madrid player during their Champions League tie.

Written by Alex Batt – @AlexBatt

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