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Arsenal fan-group says club need ‘shake-up’


An Arsenal fans group have demanded a ‘shake-up’ to take place at Arsenal football club after they saw their side lose to League Two, Bradford City, last night.

The shock defeat leaves Arsenal facing another trophyless season and a lot of fans are asking for Arsene Wenger’s head.

However, the Arsenal supporters group, have insisted sacking Wenger isn’t the way to go, but they do believe he needs a lot more help than what he is getting.

AST spokesman Tim Payton said: “This is the most difficult time in Arsene’s 16 years and both the club and himself need to change direction quickly if his wonderful era is not to end on a sad note.

“The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust cannot fathom why £70m was left untouched this summer.

“Arsene needs to get over his distaste for spending and use the resources that, after all, are provided by the hard-pressed fans who watch the team.

“The AST believe a shake-up is needed. We would like to see new, younger blood added to the board, and they also need to exercise more control and direction over Arsene’s football strategy.

“One man cannot direct all transfer targets, wages, coaching methods and manage the team at games. It’s too much for one man.”

Alex William Batt


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