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Arsene Wenger admits he feels average at times


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed that he feels like he is just an average manager when he watches his club fail to deliver on the pitch.

The Gunners haven’t won a trophy since the FA Cup back in 2005 when they beat Manchester United on penalties, but since then it’s been a trophyless several years for Wenger’s men.

Despite being in three finals since then, The Gunners have failed to win any of them, losing to Chelsea and Birmingham in the League Cup and also losing to FC Barcelona in the Champions League.

Wenger has been contributing to a new book called, The Manager, and he has revealed that when he sees his team lose on the pitch, it makes him feel like an average manager.

‘Unfortunately sometimes in the job I feel very average when I do not deliver results, but there is something in every individual that pushes him to try and be excellent. That is my petrol.

‘If you want to make a career at a big club you must be capable to believe in your abilities, and to keep them in perspective off the field also. You can have players who appear quickly to have a big talent, but if they cannot handle keeping their feet on the ground and continue to improve, they will be eliminated.

‘If a player is only motivated by money he will not go far. Players are made rich very quickly, so if he has the money and is only motivated by money where does he go? The players at the top are people who have a very strong internal need to be the best.

‘One of the difficult things of being a manager is to sack 14 people every Friday morning – and then re-employ them on a Monday morning and say: “Right, we start again – I take you back on board.”‘



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