Arsene Wenger rejects claims that Arsenal are in a crisis

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, has reacted angrily to reports saying that the club are in a crisis.

The Gunners have suffered their worst start to a season under Wenger, winning just five games out of 15 and sitting in 10th position.

Some reporters have even said it’s time Wenger left Arsenal and ended his 16-year reign at the club.

On suggestions there was a crisis at the club and he now lacked support from his players, the 63-year-old added: “You should look a little bit at the statistics and not only read the newspapers.

“I only have one pressure and that is to win the next football game and to play the football I love. All the rest, I don’t think that affects me at all. You would be surprised.

“Nothing really happened after Swansea. That the players are not happy after the game, do you want them to do a dance after we lost?

“This group of players is very strong, very highly motivated, has a very good spirit and they want to win. If they don’t win, of course they are upset.

“I am more worried if I see players who laugh in the shower after a game that we lost. We are in a job where the next game is the only important thing, that is how you can show how good you are.

“The situation is at the moment we are behind in the league, we want to make ground back, we are qualified for 13 consecutive years in the Champions League, we are qualified in the quarter-finals of the Capital One Cup and we have our chances in the FA Cup like everyone else.

The Arsenal manager is now focusing on their last Champions League group stage match in Greece against Olympiakos as they try to top the group.

Alex William Batt


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