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Arsene Wenger UPSET at star man!


Arsene Wenger feels Theo Walcotts comments after his sides loss to Crystal Palace were “unacceptable”.

Arsene Wenger claims the comments made by Walcott were “unacceptable”.

Walcott, who captained Arsenal on the night and after the game told Sky Sports: “We are all disappointed in the changing room, like the fans are. We let them down. We can only apologise. They wanted it more. You could sense that from the kick-off.”

“It is not acceptable. But the players were conscious of that when we were in the decisive duels.

“That’s what I said straight after the game. We were beaten, and you have to face reality and respond.”

The under fire Arsenal boss also touched on his relationship with the Arsenal owner, Stan Kronke.

“I believe my relationship (with Stan Kroenke, Arsenal owner) has always been the same, it has not changed.

“I don’t know. What happens above in the board is not down to me. I focus on what is important for me is the performance of the team and what the fans are interested in is the performance of the team.”

“You can never guarantee that. In football, you have to accept that the risk is part of it and that you can win, lose or draw.

“What you want – the real response – is to play with total commitment and with total belief in what we do.

“We might get there (into the top four), we might not get there, but the only thing to get there is to believe we can do it and that’s what we have to focus on.

“It’s not the fear to fail, it’s the desire to make it and that’s the only chance we have to make it.”

With Wenger under such criticism from fans at the moment, it will be interesting to see how the Arsenal faithful react to his comments on Walcott.


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