Home Football Atlético Mineiro pull out of Anelka deal.

Atlético Mineiro pull out of Anelka deal.


Atlético Mineiro have opted out of a move to sign former West Bromwich Albion striker Nicholas Anelka. 

Anelka was due to sign for the Brazilian side, however he failed to turn up to sign his contract at the club. 

Eduardo Maluf, director of the football club, stated…. 

“”He had the obligation to let us know about this in advance,” Maluf said. “Atlético is much bigger than this, the deal is off.” 

The Copa Libertadores Champions had planned to unveil the Frenchman today, however, rather than linking up with former team-mate Ronaldinho, the 35 year old Anelka was spotted on a religious trip in the far east. 

Anelka had previously been sacked from West Bromwich Albion last month, following a suspension from the Premier League club ever since performing a quenelle salute during a 3-3 draw at West Ham United in December. 

By Ben Reardon 



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