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Bale hoping to replicate Greece and Denmark fairytales


The unexpected succesess in 1992 and 2004 are acting as inspiration for Wales at this year’s tournament.

Much like the rest of the Welsh team, Bale is feeling confident had booked his holiday for next Monday – the day after the tournament’s final – in the full belief that the side “could do something.”- fans in Britain will be hoping the same too, as they are the last remaining home nation in the competition.

“I fully believed that we could do something. That is why I booked my holiday for the 11th,” Bale said. “I am not like the others. I fully believed that we could do something and you see the fairytale of Greece and Denmark and stuff and you think why can’t we do it?”

The 26-year-old also insisted that the side could improve on the performance against Belgium in Lille.

“We certainly hope so,” he said. “We have been having meetings to talk about the areas we can improve on. We know we played a good game against an incredible team in Belgium, but we still want to keep progressing, we still want to keep improving. If we can improve those little one percenters all the way through the team and the performance it will only help our game. You can never be totally satisfied, you can always improve in football, whatever level you are at, that is what we will keep trying to do.”

Portugal and Wales- One men teams?

Bale steadfastly refused to allow the discussion of the game to revolve around the personal contest between himself and Real Madrid team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo.

“It’s not about two players,” he insisted. “Everybody knows that really. It is about two nations in a semi-final, 11 men against 11 men. It’s going to be a very difficult game, we know that. They are in the semi-final for a reason – they have played well enough. We are going to try and enjoy the occasion like we always have and we’ll carry on in the same way.”


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