Bayern Munich ace Arjen Robben admits he is bored of playing Arsenal

Arjen Robben insists Champions League ties between Arsenal and Bayern Munich are becoming.

The Netherlands international will be hoping to knock Arsenal out of Europe again in this campaign’s first knockout round of the Champions League, having done previously back in 2012/13 and 2013/14, while the two football giants also faced each other in last year’s group stage.

A lot of Gunners, Bayern and neutral supporters have become tedious with the same match being played each season, and Robben agrees as he wants to play different European sides.

“I prefer to play Leicester. That’s different – not easier, or more difficult, just different,” Robben told the Independent.

“If you have the choice, yeah. It was not this time ‘let’s get Arsenal again’.

“I like, as a footballer, to play another team who we’ve never played before.”

By Drew Darbyshire (@DarbySports)

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