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Bayern Received ‘A Wake Up Call’ In Their 4-3 Win Over Hoffenheim – Hansi Flick

Bayern Received 'A Wake Up Call' In Their 4-3 Win Over Hoffenheim - Hansi Flick

The 4-3 DFB Pokal victory over Hoffenheim was “a wake-up call” for Bayern Munich, states Hansi Flick.

The German giants were cruising 4-1 after recovering from an early deficit but then managed to make it nervy by conceding a brace from Moanes Dabour.

“You can always look at it one way or another,” the Bayern coach, Flick said. “I always look at it positively and say that today is a wake-up call. It was almost the same in the second half in Mainz. We weren’t in the game that much anymore and shifted down a gear. I don’t know if that was also the reason today. I don’t want to diminish Hoffenheim’s performance there. They did well in the second half.”

“The team and the coaches talked at half-time. It would have been a signal if we had won 4-1 or 5-1 today. It would have been possible today,” he said. “On the other hand, the game today also shows us that if we don’t play at our limit, a game can tip quickly. We have to stay concentrated against every opponent for 90 minutes.

“That’s why it’s maybe quite good, especially before the Leipzig game, that we realise that it’s not going to work by itself. We have to bring hard work to the pitch to be successful.”

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