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Bendtner could play a crucial part in Arsenal`s title challenge


Mikel Arteta has suggested that, as hard as it is to believe, Nicklas Bendtner could play a crucial part in Arsenal`s title challenge.

Bendtner scored his first goal for the Gunners in three years as Wenger`s side beat Hull 2-0 at home on Wednesday night, this was the centre forwards first time in the starting line-up since March 2011.

“He deserves it,” said Arteta. “He has been working really hard. He joined us in pre-season and was rewarded today. He got the chance and got a very good goal.”

The Spanish midfielder knows that a successful rotation will be integral to a sustained challenge and was delighted to see Bendter make a big impact on his return.

“The good thing is we can still rotate the squad and keep winning,” said Arteta. “The squad players can contribute and help the team be successful. Every member of the squad is important and Nicklas is no different. He is an
Arsenal player and while he is here, he is 100% here. I don’t think he will be thinking of doing anything different because he likes playing here.

“I think it (the competition for places) is great. Everybody has to be on their toes and everybody feels important. You are going to need everyone if you are going to achieve something. The Christmas period is going to be
massively important but with the quality, the ambition and the togetherness that we have I think we are in a good position.”

“I know Roberto Martínez well and he is the type of manager that wants to take risks and make his players play good football so hopefully we can watch a nice game on Sunday.”

Written by Steve Milne – Leave me your thoughts below 🙂


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