Benzema denies being involved in former agent’s kidnap

Real Madrid star Karim Benzema has denied any involvement in the attempted kidnapping of his former agent Leo D’Souza. D’Souza said that he was the victim of an attempt to kidnap and described himself as the agent of a Real Madrid player. He filed a lawsuit nearly two weeks ago.

D’Souza said that the incident happened in a bar at Paris after PSG’s match against Lyon. He said that a black van pulled up beside him and a man who he recognised as a friend of Benzema’s, told him to get in. D’souza refused to do so and said that he was punched before bystanders got involved. D’Souza also mentioned that he saw a silhouette of Benzema at the back of the van. He said that there was a dispute over £44,000 that Benzema would get paid by a sponsor to travel to Morocco during the summer.

However, Benzema denied any involvement in the attempted kidnapping of D’Souza on Twitter. He said, “A relative of Benzema touches De Souza’s arm, it is an abduction. De Souza is beaten up, but he has no days signed off work. De Souza says that Benzema was in the van, an idea dismissed by the investigators.

Is this world serious? #Ithastostop #Givemeabreak #toomuch”.

Benzema will hope to produce a strong performance tomorrow when Real Madrid take on Levante.

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