Berlusconi: They should give AC Milan back to me

Former AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has said that the ownership of the club should be given back to him if the club intends on becoming strong again. After the presentation of Stefano Pioli, Ivan Gazidis declared that Elliot Management saved Rossoneri from bankruptcy.

“If Milan risked going to Serie D? Who said that? Gazidis? These are comments that you shouldn’t say, unless you go to the toilet, close the door and then say it. How Milan can become strong again? Simple, just give it back to Silvio Berlusconi,” he began.

“I don’t know Pioli and I can’t express any opinion. I don’t know Marco Giampaolo personally either, I only want to talk about things that I know thoroughly,” he continued.

Finally, he gave his opinion on San Siro, which could be knocked down if Inter and Milan’s plan to build a new stadium goes through. Jokingly, he suggested that the council should give it to Monza instead.

“New stadium? They are beautiful projects. We are tied to the San Siro because we won everything there, so I hope they will find a solution that doesn’t include knocking it down. I suggest that they give it to Monza instead,” he concluded.

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