Top 10 Best goalkeepers in FIFA 17

Fifa 17 top 10 best goalkeepers

List: Fifa 17 top 10 best goalkeepers

FIFA 17 top 10 best goalkeepers? Top 10 best goalkeepers in FIFA 17? Do you find it hard trying to find out which goalkeepers are the best in FIFA 17? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a simpler list of the top 10 best goalkeepers in FIFA 17.

A Sports has already revealed the Top 50 rated players in the game from this we have taken the 20 Best Premier League Players in FIFA 17.

Being a goalkeeper is not an easy job, it requires intelligence and confidence to face on coming striker.

Goalkeepers don’t usually get the deserved credits for thier work but EA Sports tries as hard as possible to make sure that goalkeepers talents are recognized.

Their are a number of good goalkeepers in FIFA 17 but we have picked out the 10 best goalkeepers you can use or purchase in your ultimate team or manager mode.

Previously we published the Top 10 best Goalkeepers in FIFA 16. If you haven’t seen that list yet make sure you do that before you check out this list. Here are the Top 10 Best Goalkeepers in FIFA 17 career mode.

The Best Goalkeeper in FIFA 17:

Manuel Neuer is one of the Fifa 17 top 10 best goalkeepers

Who is the Best goalkeeper in FIFA 17? Well, it’s no other than Bayern Munchen’s very own Manuel Neuer. The German international has an overall rating of 92 making him the highest goalkeeper rating ever on FIFA.

The goalkeeper has been outstanding for both the German national team and Bayern Munchen in recent helping his teams win so much.

The top ranked goalkeeper in FIFA 17. Manuel Neuer’s 95 for Kicking and 91 for Positioning are the highest for each respective stat in FIFA 17

List of The Best Goalkeepers in FIFA 17

Based on their performances over the last 365 days in league and cup competitions. Here is a list of the best goalkeepers in FIFA 17.

#Player NameFootball ClubRating
1.Manuel Neuer   Bayern Munich92
2. De Gea – 90  Manchester United 90
3. Thibaut Courtois Chelsea89
4. Hugo Lloris  Tottenham Hotspur 88
5. Gianluigi Buffon Juventus88
6. Petr Cech  Arsenal 88
7. Samir Handanovic  Inter Milan87
8.   Jan Oblak Atletico Madrid87
9.    Bernd LenoBayer Leverkusen86
10.  Keylor NavasReal Madrid85

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