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The Very Best Of Ultimate Last Minute Goals In Football!


The best moments in a football game are no doubt the last minute goals that clinch that much needed or important win.

Football has always been an exciting game with ample amount of spectacular moments that have caught the attention of the fans watching forever capturing a great moment in their lives,

In this video you will not just see some last minute average wins, these goals are scored in the dying minutes, even seconds of a match.

take for instance that time Manchester United were 1-0 down following a free kick from Mario Basler. The Red Devils thought needed to rescue the game, they took the possession of the ball straight from the kick off, from there a Sheringham pass to Ole Gunnar who scored a goal from that assist at 92:17. The goal was so shocking the other team that they could not restart the game.

That is just one of many examples, so without further ado we bring to you, The very best of ultimate last minute goals.;..


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