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BOOST! Chelsea target signals goodbye to fans!


Reports have been linking Real Madrid star Alvaro Morata to Chelsea for ages now, and that speculation was just fueled even further

Chelsea have made an attempt in the past to snatch up the Real Madrid star, however, nothing ever materialized.

Now speculation has been rife this season with reports saying Antonio Conte is keen to get him over to Stamford Bridge in the upcoming transfer window.

And with the prize money coming in for Chelsea’s premier league win, the Blues certainly aren’t short of funds.

So what has fueled further speculation that Alvaro Morata is on his way to Chelsea Football Club?

On Sunday, as Real Madrid defeated Sevilla 4-1, Morata was taken off the pitch and on his way he clapped to the Bernabeu fans.

It’s being reported that the player’s action ‘signals farewell’ to Madrid for the second time.

I think it’s pretty normal for a player to clap when they are coming off the ground, I actually though it was a sign of respect and all players did it.

But I may be wrong.

The report, which some mainstream media sources use, mostly all, is called Sport they are a Catalan newspaper which pushes a lot of fake news.

When you pull back the veil on the mainstream media you find their sources come from a lot of these sort of outlets.


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