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BREAKING NEWS: Sepp Blatter resigns


FIFA President steps down after 17 years

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has resigned from his position the World Football governing body, in a surprise turn of events on Tuesday evening.

The 79-year-old Swiss-native had come under increasing pressure over the last few days, following serious corruption allegations against FIFA, which led to the arrests of several senior officials at the company.

Blatter, who had only just won a fifth term in office in Friday’s presidential election, revealed that he would stand down from a post that he has held since 1998.

He called for an unexpected news conference, where he outlined his plans to resign:“I will not stand. I am now free from the constraints of an election. I will be in a position to focus on profound reforms. For many years we have called for reforms. But these are not sufficient, Blatter said..

“We need a limitation on mandates and terms of office. I have fought for these changes but my efforts have been counteracted.”

UEFA President Michel Platini is among the early favorites to replace the departing Blatter, though lets not forget that the Frenchman did vote for Qatar to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Dyke delight:

The Chairman of the English FA, Greg Dyke, has stated his delight upon hearing the news:

“Something has come out of the events of last week that has caused Mr Blatter to resign … He’s gone. At long last we can sort out Fifa. We can go back to looking at those two World Cups. If I were Qatar right now I wouldn’t be feeling very comfortable.”

So, what do you think of Blatter’s resignation?

by Ben Reardon


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