Bundesliga Action To Return In May

Bundesliga Action To Return In May

All Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 clubs have agreed to suspension operations until April 30th.

Representatives of 36 clubs decided through a conference to resume games only from the beginning of May due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The outbreak of the deadly virus has put all European football to a halt but countries are starting to take individual decisions. English FA has suspended the Premier League until further notice as the virus continues to spread in the UK. Italy are on the verge of a complete shutdown which means football is a far off possibility right now.

There is a level of desperation amongst the officials and clubs to resume football as soon as possible. The loss of revenue through broadcasting rights and stadium earnings has left several clubs in financial despair. DFL president, Christian Seifert said, “Some clubs could in May, others in June, face a situation where their existence is in danger if we don’t complete the season.

“The loss of revenue from ticket sales has to be factored in until the end of the season at least. Possibly even until the end of the year. The aim is (still) to complete the season by the end of June.”

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