Chelsea supporters stabbed in Istanbul.


Chelsea are set to launch an investigation with the British Consulate within regards to the stabbing of Chelsea supporters before the Champions League fixture in Turkey, against Galatasaray.

The clashes were understood to have taken place in the busy Taksim Square area of the City on Tuesday Evening.

The area had been marked as a no go for English supporters, ever since the high profile deaths of Leeds supporters amid the build up to a Champions League semi-final with Galatasaray in 2000.

None of the Chelsea supporters suffered serious injuries thankfully, but it raises more questions yet again regarding the safety of travelling English supporters in European countries were ‘Ultra’ culture witnessed on a regular basis.

Chelsea take an officer from the Metropolitan Police as a standard procedure to all away European trips, to mark out possible trouble spots of various European cities.

Dave Johnstone, a spokesman for the Chelsea fanzine cfcuk, who is in Istanbul, said: “I’d say 99.9% of people we have met in Istanbul have been really nice and friendly. You can go to any city in the world and find yourself in trouble. There is probably more violence in parts of London. I don’t want to generalise about all Galatasaray or Turkish football fans. There will always be the minority of people looking for trouble. My advice to those fans coming out today would be to be on your toes, be wary. Don’t go looking for trouble. Be friendly.”

The British consulate had been in contact with the club regarding the incident, with Chelsea issuing advice.

While Istanbul is generally a safe city and the police have not given any specific areas to be avoided (other than the Metro to the stadium on match day), supporters should be aware of pickpockets, petty theft and bag snatchers in crowded places,” it read. “Care should be taken to keep bags and cameras secure and not to keep on show any other valuables. Supporters are advised to leave their passports in the hotel safe and use another form of photographic ID.”

Taksim Square has been the scene of various demonstrations regarding political unrest in the county.

On the pitch, Chelsea had to settle for a 1-1 draw against Mancini’s men, as Chedjou scored a 64th minutes goal to cancel out Fernando Torres’ early opener.

By Ben Reardon



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