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Chelsea to seal deal for Midfielder today


According to reports, Kenedy is set become Chelsea’s 33rd summer exit and 37th transfer today

Kenedy has been out-casted by Chelsea for a bit of banter that social justice warriors and hypocrites attacked him over.

Happy now everyone?, you ruined a good kid’s career because he did what YOU ALL DO and threw out a bit of banter.

But nooooo, SJW’s and hypocrites who say far worse to other football fans just couldn’t let it go.

So now we have this, the young lad who has his whole life ahead of him, will now have to opt for a move elsewhere.

It’ll be pretty much whoever will take him, the kid has been working his ass of for Chelsea to make it into the first team, he’s supported them through thick and thin.

And what did he get in return? fake news that could possible ruin his career, he wasn’t being racist or insulting, and you all know it.

Most of your heroes have said or done FAR worse, and you know that as well, don’t get me started on your Hollywood celebrities that you support, buying their merchandise/movies ect etc, most of those people are womanizers, drug abusers, murderers, rapists and some pedophiles.

And if you’re thinking, nah I don’t, well one example is if you are a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny Depp, then you most likely go purchase his merchandise and movie tickets, yet the guy is a drug abusing, alcoholic that treats people like crap and beats woman, PROVEN!, and he’s only just one of many.

So will you still support these people in their current careers? yes you do, Johnny isn’t the only one, you all know it  and continue to defend them.

But poor Kenedy cops all this, for what?, you don’t even know do you?, because it wasn’t that bad, the media has been doing the thinking for you, they told you it was bad and you believed them.

Start thinking for yourself.

IT WAS BANTER, got it? good, now leave the kid alone, hypocrites.

Reports are claiming that Newcastle are hoping to seal the deal for Kenedy today,

Top work Benetez, at least this manager truly knows Football and can see what Kenedy did was not wrong.

If reports are true Kenedy will make the switch to Newcastle by tonight.

But that’s what they always say in the British Media, don’t blame me if it doesn’t happen, I’m just required to report the reports.

Not get blamed for fake news.

Benitez admitted recently that he was not happy with Newcastle’s transfer business and will be delighted if he can get the move for Kenedy over the line. The former Liverpool and Real Madrid manager has also confirmed interest in signing Arsenal forward Lucas Perez.

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