Chelsea’s prize money from winning 2016/17 Premier League title

Chelsea's prize money from winning 2016/17 Premier League title

Chelsea’s prize money for winning 2016/17 Premier League title

Chelsea Football Club’s prize money is the most lucrative in Premier League history as they become the first champions to benefit from the latest TV deal. Chelsea Football Club have been crowned the 2016/17 Premier League champions after a tricky match against West Brom that saw a late winning goal from Michy Batshuayi seal the deal for the Stamford Bridge side

However, this time their prize will be recorded as the most lucrative the UK has ever seen.

The Premier League winners have won the title now for a fifth time in just 13 seasons a fine start for boss Antonio Conte.

He has dominated this campaign, switching to a back three after a slightly tricky start to the season.

Since then, the Blues haven’t looked back on that poor start and have been top of the heap since early November.

So how much will Chelsea Football Club receive from winning the title?

Chelsea Football Club’s prize is set to be the biggest in Premier League history – taking a massive £150 million in Premier League Prize Money 2016/17.

They will be the first Premier League winners to benefit from the latest TV contract deal, worth over £8billion to all the 20 clubs.

Each Premier League club is set to receive over a whopping £80million from international TV rights, commercial contracts and what’s called the “equal share” payment.

A further fee is added on based on just how many times each side have been broadcast live on TV this season.

Chelsea Football Club’s position as champions will now see them take home a further payment of £40million through a ‘merit payment.’

Previous Champions Leicester took £93million when they won last term, however, that will be increased by 65 percent for the players at Stamford Bridge.

Meanwhile, the Blues received only £87.3million when they finished in 10th spot last season.

Those at the bottom of the table won’t go unrewarded; even bottom placed Sunderland will get close to £100million.

It’s a well earned fee for the Chelsea players who have toughed it out this season, fighting not only opportunities, but all the mainstream media’s constant attacks with lies, criticism’s and ‘rumours’ about the club.

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